341 Meeting

Meeting of Creditors

A 341 meeting, also called a Meeting of Creditors, is held in every bankruptcy case. The Bankruptcy Clerk will usually schedule a 341 meeting about 30 days after the bankruptcy petition is filed. The bankruptcy trustee is the person who runs the meeting and will be asking you questions. These questions have usually already been asked by our office and the trustee is just reviewing the information to confirm it is correct. Some of the questions that are asked at a 341 meeting include:

1. Please state your name;
2. Do you still live at the same address that you lived at when you filed your petition;
3. Have you ever filed bankruptcy before;
4. Did you list all your assets and all of your debts to the best of your ability;
5. Did you pay back or transfer any property to a family member in the year prior to filing;
6. Did you transfer any property to anyone else in the two years prior to filing;

There may be some additional questions depending on the particular case, but the point is, the questions are straight forward so don’t be too nervous. Someone from our office will be present, and we will sit with you when the trustee is asking questions.

Creditors also have the right to be present and ask questions, but they rarely bother showing up.

The meeting in our jurisdiction is currently being held monthly at the Red Lion Hotel in Yakima. The address is: 607 W. Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98902.

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